Sustainable ‘Hinching’ with Norfolk Natural Living

Sustainable ‘Hinching’ with Norfolk Natural Living

Ever since ‘Hinching’ effectively became a colloquial adjective there has been a huge surge in sales of household cleaning products. And whilst, we aren’t ones to condone untidy houses we are certainly ones to question the sustainability of it.

sustainable hinching methods

Household cleaning products tend to be filled with harmful chemicals, which are both not very good for us to be around using and smelling all the time but also aren’t great for the environment when they’re disposed of. Not to mention the fact that household cleaning products all tend to be packaged in thick plastic (that isn’t recycled plastic). It seems that becoming a fan of cleaning is, in reality, incredibly unsustainable.

If you’re a zero-waster or interested in sustainability cleaning products can be overlooked when making that lifestyle change for more obvious changes such as not using plastic straws or only buying fruit from farmer’s markets. But there are more sustainable and less toxic options out there to keep the household aspect of your living more eco-friendly.

sustainable hinching methods

When Norfolk Natural Living co. approached us to try some of their products it seemed only fitting since the eco benefits of washing your clothing less often and the unsustainability of the ‘hinching’ method was already widely spoken about in the sustainability community online. Lucky for us, we got to try three different products; their dog shampoo (much needed, we have a dog who adores mud), multi-surface spray and clothing wash.

One of the things that’s very noticeable about the products is the lack of overpowering fragrance, especially with the multi-surface spray (which is still going after 3 weeks of daily use!), multi surface sprays usually smell incredibly strong so much so that you know the ingredients in the product aren’t good for you to be sniffing. But this is surprisingly gentle whilst doing the job of getting spilt coffee off of my white desk at TBM HQ.

The same can be said for their dog shampoo which is made using gentle ingredients to deliberately go soft on your pooch. Bear loves mud, but hates bath time. So it’s always a fight to get him into the tub. Whilst I can’t say he loved being shampooed he certainly does look pleased with the results. His coat was unbelievably soft and easy to brush through – and doesn’t he look so cute?

The advantages of washing your clothing less has been a much discussed topic in the sustainability community since it saves so much water. Obviously we never want to feel unclean or dirty, intuitively washing your clothing whenever you feel it’s dirty is your best bet to be more sustainable but also feel squeaky clean. A bit like bra washing, some women wash them every day, and some once a week. I’m a bit of a happy medium sometimes I can go three days or four, if it’s hot then maybe only two. Couple intuitively washing your clothing along with a detergent that’s natural will do wonders for the environment, since everything you put into the water whilst washing will eventually end up back to Mother Earth. Keeping ingredients natural like Norfolk Natural Living can also be a lot kinder on your skin if detergent aggravates skin concerns such as psoriasis or eczema.

We’re keen to continue working with Norfolk Natural Living who, much like us, are trying their best to create eco-friendly habits with the products they produce. The brand has a lovely family-owned / home-made feel, whilst still producing products that aren’t just environmentally friendly, but consistently high quality. If you’ve gone hinching-mad on the household cleaning trend lately, then give them a go.

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