Teacher Wears Same Dress for 100 Days to Support Sustainable Fashion

Teacher Wears Same Dress for 100 Days to Support Sustainable Fashion

Julia Mooney, a primary school teacher from New Jersey, decided to wear the same dress for 100 days to teach her students about sustainable fashion.

Julia runs the account @oneoutfit100days on Instagram and documented the process of wearing the same grey button down dress for over 14 weeks. She’s a strong advocate of investing in your clothing, getting use out of it and dressing items that may not be suitable for all weather types with other items that will make them wearable in all weather.

Julia began the challenge at the start of term in September 2018 after discovering that her primary school age students were already feeling the pressure of wearing fashionable clothing and being ‘on-trend’. She wanted to display that buying into trends is not only wasteful but environmentally dangerous.

With 30% of clothing bought by consumers not being worn in the UK, even once, teaching the importance of using clothing sustainable becomes increasingly important. As the influence of social media grows and users of social media become young and younger the lesson about sustainable fashion becomes an important one to teach even at primary school age. Social media may drive aspirations of a huge wardrobe, sell you fast fashion and make you wish you were somewhere or even someone all the time. The influence of social media, especially on our mental health and the environment, needs to be combated before it’s too late.

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In her interview with American based sustainability site Treehugger Julia had this to say: β€œThis is something they deal with every day as 12- and 13-year olds. As they try to define themselves, they are often identifying with brands or superficial things like their social media presence. Many seemed excited to have a reason to talk about how silly all of that really is.”

And don’t worry germaphobes. Laundry day was actually pretty easy for Julia.

What do you think of the challenge, fancy giving it a go?

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