How Cruel Beauty Brands are Hiding the Entire Truth

How Cruel Beauty Brands are Hiding the Entire Truth

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This year Dove, owned by Unilever, announced that as of 2019 it would be carrying PETA’s accredited cruelty-free logo on all its products. David Blanchard, Unilever’s Chief R&D Officer, commented that “We hope that a global adoption of a similar ban will accelerate the regulatory acceptance of alternative approaches and thereby remove any requirements for any animal testing for cosmetics anywhere in the world.” Whilst Unilever has complied with the banning of animal tested products as per EU regulations since 2013. It isn’t time to celebrate yet. 

The fine print in Unilever’s testing policy will notify any animal lover that the company isn’t cruelty free. “Occasionally, across our portfolio, some of the ingredients we use have to be tested by our suppliers to comply with legal and regulatory requirements in some markets; and some governments test certain products on animals as part of their regulations.” What this means is whilst Unilever is committed to animal cruelty, they are more committed to selling their products and creating profit in markets such as China where animal testing is required. 

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