Why We Crowdfund

I began The Bare Minimum as part of a University project. I was studying for my Masters at LCF in Fashion Journalism and that’s really where the project flourished — and it’s all down to the students and creative talent I connected with down in London.

The articles flowed in, photographers were keen to work with us and we managed to showcase the work of some truly incredibly designers. With everyone working for free. I worked full time whilst balancing my studies with my job and the magazine so that I could afford to print the magazine, cover travel expenses, pay for equipment and do what I could to make the project happen.

We had no help from LCF, despite appealing to them and arguing our case. “We are different from other magazines!” We screamed. Yet, despite the fact that no investors or big institutions believed in what we were trying to do– our readers did, and we managed to crowdfund to print our 3rd Issue.

I’m retrospectively sharing our Indiegogo campaign video as I love the BTS from our third issue and the comments from Apranji who has been such a massive help in getting TBM one step further with each issue.

Enjoy and I hope you’ll be part of our journey for Issue 4.

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