Spotlight On: Wheesht Masks

Spotlight On: Wheesht Masks

We’d love to introduce to you Wheesht Masks the first of our beauty ‘Spotlight On’ features. Wheesht (which we had to ask for a translation for) is phrase used to mean a little peace and quiet aka what we all need when we’re having a relaxing bath and face mask time. We spoke to Kelly, founder and creator of the brand, based in Stirling, Scotland to learn more about the magic behind her Vegan and cruelty free skincare brand and to learn about why she got started in creating her own skincare business.
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 Wheesht masks on our models Abi and Beth featured in TBM Issue 3 which you can order here
“How did you get into making your own products?” 
“I used to sell beauty products for other brands and I used to go to home parties and go around with magazines and I also trained as a holistic therapist and an aromatherapist, but because I was selling products for other people sometimes it didn’t really align with my ethics, because sometimes I think I’d be with a company that was cruelty free but then they’d collaborate with a company that wasn’t and then I thought ‘Why aren’t I doing this on my own?’ Then luckily a company I did like emailed me about a course in face masks and I enrolled in that to learn how to create face masks ethically and within all EU regulations. I practised creating them on myself and on girls in the office testing my products and finding out what they liked and what they didn’t like.”

“It’s great to have a little focus group in the office where you can trial things out…”
“Yes, the office thing really helps as people have such different skin types and I was able to find out ‘OK so this product doesn’t actually work for that… say oily skin but it might work for someone who has dry patch skin concerns so lets try the product out for that. So even if it didn’t work for what I wanted to, it will work for something else. There’s always something to be learned from trialling.”
“I suppose that’s one of the benefits of working for yourself is that you can change things easily if it doesn’t do what you want it to do.”
“Yes you can change things and make it individual to people you know. With my own products, if I don’t like it it doesn’t get further than being tested on myself and then it can be developed or go in the bin!”

“Why is it important to you to have no animal products in your beauty products? And to be cruelty free?”
“Because we don’t need any of those things. We don’t need honey or beeswax in our beauty products– I’ve been playing around with a lot of different types of waxes… my Mango mask has almond wax in it. In the future I may have a different type of wax. There’s no reason to use beeswax or honey in beauty. There’s loads of different types of waxes and replacements available. But it is just trail and error with different products and I have a lot of failures. I make mistakes and I’ll make a thousand more but I get there!”
“Are you Vegan yourself or is this just something you’re conscious of?”
“I’m conscious that my customers are and I want products to be accessible. But there’s absolutely no need for the animal cruelty needed to make our meals and I think we need to all be more ethical about where our meat comes from.”
wheesht beauty face masks sustainable magazine the bare minimum mag
“What’s your favourite product you’ve ever made?”
“This is difficult because I love them all. But my most used is the Spirulina and Lemongrass mask. That is one of my favourites because I’m very oily and it gives me a very deep clean. It gives the skin a big detox, it draws out impurities and it also has anti-ageing minerals. The Lemongrass also helps minimise pores too. I also use the Mango balm as a cleanser during winter and it’s great for taking make-up off too– it’s a good all rounder. The Moroccan mask was my first product so that also has a special place in my heart.”

“What are you working on at the moment?”

“Body scrubs. I think they’ll be available early next year!”
Wheesht donates a portion of every sale to Free to Shine, a charity based in Cambodia that works to provide clean water and education to girls. For all your Zero-Wasters and plastic haters Wheesht’s products are also stored in bio-degradeable paper bags and their powder masks are packaged in re-useable glass packaging.
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