LFW: Phannatiq

LFW: Phannatiq

Diversity! Inclusion! Performance!

If the Phannatiq show is what the future of fashion ‘catwalk’ looks like then we’re in for quite the treat. A straightforward catwalk presentation… this was not. The dancing performance from these models was fun and energetic and showed the flexibility and movement available whilst wearing Phannatiq’s clothing.

With the models standing at the back of the room, the music began to grow louder and the dancers joined the other models making the space their stage. They performed with energy, huge movements and big smiles — the audience moving and smiling with them as they performed. It felt like a celebration amongst friends, rather than the cold still catwalk shows we’ve come to get used to at #LFW. More than anything the performance showed just how wearable these clothes are, I don’t expect to be break dancing on the streets of SoHo anytime soon, but it’s nice to know that I can move and be free whilst wearing Phannatiq’s clothing.

The black and white prints and the variety of the clothing meant there was a fit and style for everyone there, as displayed in the diversity in age and size of the models wearing the clothing. The clothing felt clearly split between casual sportswear and more formal dresses. My personal favourite? The Florence dress in the Flytipping print inspired by photographs taken around Walthamstow (worn by the model with silver hair) . I love how the dress is draped across the top of the body, giving off Vivienne Westwood silhouette vibes.

I’m keen to see what Phannatiq does next and I’m looking forward to being in front of such an energetic presentation again.
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