Designed in LDN Show: New Korean Talent in Fashion Design

Designed in LDN Show: New Korean Talent in Fashion Design

A few weeks ago we attended the Designed in LDN show in Shoreditch where 10 Korean designers who recently graduated from the BA in Womenswear at London College of Fashion presented their collections.
Here is a little look inside the designs into the fresh, new talent…

The collection utilizes the notion of “semi fast-fashion”, through researching consumer interests and producing a garment via the cleanest and greenest way possible.” Perhaps ‘Semi fast fashion’ is the next logical step towards a more greener fashion industry, and one that is still realistic and recognizes the need for brands to make sales to stay afloat.

Soorhee (@design_soorhee) describes the collection as “offering a analysis of the designer’s aesthetics in fashion design” as well as incorporating Soorhee’s Korean heritage into the garments: “I utilized design motifs that can be found from Korean cultural objects such as architecture, costume and accessory. So this collection explored how to turn Korean elements into the present-day design and technology of sustainable fashion design.” With the rise in popularity in Korean culture in the West epitomized by the increase of listeners of the K-Pop genre, coupled with the rise in popularity in the topic of sustainability — a clothing collection that marries those two ideals together seems to be a match made in heaven.

“My final goal as a designer…” Soorhee says, is to “develop a store similar to Dover Street Market.” Who wouldn’t want that? “But I want to get more experience first… my first step is going to be working with the design team at RESERVED.”

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