BTS: Our Countryside Shoot for #TBM3

BTS: Our Countryside Shoot for #TBM3

It’s been a couple of months since our release of TBM2. which means that we’re well on our way to shaping together TBM3 (coming in November). We decided to head to the countryside to take out shoot out of the city and give a different, fresher vibe to TBM3. Plus, the weather has been undeniably hot this summer (hello global warming!), so we didn’t want to be stuck inside a stuffy studio.
Our gorgeous model Elle wears dress by Liza Kain, we interviewed Liza as part of our ‘Spotlight On’ series which you can read here. Her collection is curated to empower women and make them feel beautiful, this dress in particular looks like swathes of flowers covering the body. The feminine feel of the dress paired with Elle’s punky nature was a colliding match made in heaven. We can’t wait for you to see the final shots that make Issue 3 which you can pre-order now!

When I saw Niamh’s designs on Instagram I knew I had to contact her to get involved in the shoot. The power shoulders and oversized coat was the perfect fit for a shoot where we wanted to clash the countryside with smart gear that looks just a little too fashion forward for the workplace. Her blazer coat with ruffled shoulders featured here worked so well shot against a countryside background.

We also popped in a couple of thrifted items into the shoot. I think the best way of being sustainable isn’t only buying from designers who spend a long of time and care into making their garments, but by re-using the old and extending the lifecycle of clothing by thrifting, donating clothing and swapping pieces with friends. In this shot Elle wears one of my silver dresses and a white jumper I found at The Big Clothes switch held by Jemma & Ella of Stories Behind Things.

The Big Clothes Switch was so inspiring that I decided to host one of my own amongst friends this Sunday. You can view it on the Events page here.

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